Supermicro Debuts High Frequency Trading Systems

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Over at Datacenter Knowledge, John Rath writes that Supermicro launched new 2U and 4U/Tower platforms that maximize processing power and precisely tune hardware and firmware to provide lower latency than previous models, while still maintaining high reliability. The company debuted the systems at the High Frequency Trading World event this week in New York.

Advanced trading firms looking to reduce latency and maximize transaction flow can gain an advantage with the extreme processing power and enterprise-class server optimizations designed into Supermicro’s Hyper-Speed systems,” said Wally Liaw, Vice President of Sales, International at Supermicro. “Our latest HFT-optimized platforms boost performance of the fastest rated x86 dual processors with board-level control and circuitry enhancements and custom tailored cooling systems for the highest sustained performance. With mission critical transactions on the line, Supermicro Hyper-Speed systems ensure peak performance with maximum reliability for the most demanding computational finance applications.”

The new servers are optimized for high frequency trading and feautre premium pre-installed CPUs and memory, with storage and I/O components that are validated with a rigorous burn-in process to ensure maximum performance and reliability on deployment. Read the Full Story.