Pilot Shows Value of On-Demand Supercomputing for SMBs

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Over at his High-productivity Cloud Computing Blog, Dr. Theodore Omtzigt from Stillwater Supercomputing writes that two pilot projects in China demonstrate how well-architected Cloud HPC can benefit small and medium-sized businesses.

The total cost of the core system was of the order of $3.6M. The On-Demand Supercomputing service offers a full dual socket server with 64GB of memory for about $5/hr, providing a cost-effective service for SMBs interested in leveraging high performance computing. For example, a digital content creation firm in Beijing leveraged about 100 servers as burst capacity for post-production. Their monthly cost to leverage a state of the art supercomputer was less than $20k per month. Similarly, a material science application was developed by a chemical manufacturer to study epitaxial growth. This allowed the manufacturer to optimize the process parameters for a thin-film process that would not have been cost-effective on a cloud infrastructure designed for elastic web applications.

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