Interview: Wolfgang Gentzsch on Cloud Sustainability

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Over at International Science Grid This Week, Andrew Purcell catches up with Wolfgang Gentzsch to learn more about the challenges of cloud sustainability in Europe.

Sustainability in the context of cloud infrastructures means the long-term maintenance of their services for a wider user and customer community. Researchers who previously have used their own limited resources are benefiting tremendously from clouds: for example, by avoiding long waiting times for their compute jobs; enjoying on-demand availability of resources; experiencing no peak-demand bottlenecks; having the best-suited resources always available at their fingertips; not having to deal with cumbersome procurements; and having no need to maintain their own expensive IT infrastructure. Clouds serve larger communities and, therefore, sustainability is key.

Gentzsch is presenting on the Ubercloud HPC Experiment this week at the CloudScapeV Conference in Brussels. Read the Full Story.