MicroPod Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Bring Parallel Computing to the People

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A new Kickstarter project is looking to build a parallel computer that you can afford to use at home. With the MicroPod, you will be able to “stand up” a parallel computer using inexpensive commodity hardware, or even use the images as VMs to run a completely virtual development environment.

Completing this project will dramatically expand the number of people who have access to basic parallel computing systems, which in turn will expand the number of people who know how to program and operate these systems. That, in turn, will allow more super computers to be built. This is important. The rate of scientific progress world wide is largely limited by the number and speed of super computers that scientists can access. All of the “big science” problems these days have to be modeled and analyzed by such machines, and there just aren’t enough to go around.

This is a very worthwhile cause and we at insideHPC are hoping you can help them out. Read the Full Story.