Silicon Informatics to Commercialize New Ways to Model Complex Phenomena

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This week Minnesota Startup Silicon Informatics has been awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract by the U.S. Army Research Office to advance scalable parallel random number generation technology into products for HPC applications. Scholars from The University of Texas at San Antonio and Florida State University will participate in the research, which will ultimately lead to the development and commercialization of software tools that can help software applications realistically mimic complex phenomena.

The extent to which computer modeling can reflect reality is often limited by the quality and scalability of the random number generation methods. The random number generator and the quality evaluation tool developed in this project will help remove this limitation,” said Boppana. “We feel very privileged to be selected by Silicon Informatics for this research and expect the methods we create to be applicable to a wide range of industries that model complex behaviors, from entertainment and finance to science and engineering.”

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