1 Terabyte/sec File Systems Enable Big Fast Data

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Over at the new Cray Blog, VP of Storage Barry Bolding writes that Big Data at the company is synonymous with very fast data access. As evidenced by the Lustre-powered Terabyte/sec file system on Blue Waters, the time for Big Fast Data has come.

Success was achieved on Oct. 7, 2012 when Cray and NCSA measured 1.037 TB/sec of performance to a single Lustre filesystem and 1.137 TB/sec of simultaneously to all three Lustre filesystems. To put this achievement into mass media perspective, 1TB/sec is equivalent to downloading about 125 copies of Dead Space 3 per second, or about 250,000 songs through Spotify per second. This is a milestone for parallel filesystems, a milestone for Lustre, a milestone for Cray and a milestone for our customer at NCSA. Best of all this the technology is being put to good use by a cadre of National Science Foundation users in solving some of the most challenging scientific problems facing our world today.

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