Allinea DDT Goes to 4.0, Brings HPC Software Development Closer to Home

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The new Allinea DDT 4.0 release is designed to make it easier for scientists to debug and optimize HPC code even when they’re on the road.

We’ve got a lot of academics, lab people, and industry people who are on the road a lot for conferences and meetings. It’s important for them to be able to work remotely,” says David Bernholdt, a senior computational scientist in R&D at ORNL. “Instead of having to put statements in the code, recompile, reset, and go through this whole long cycle, they’ll be able to pop up their clients on their laptops and figure out what’s going on right away.”

The release of Allinea DDT 4.0 includes native remote clients for Linux, Windows and Mac. These clients allow debugging of HPC applications, wherever they are hosted – on nationwide HPC resources or out in the rapidly growing HPC Cloud.

The new native client approach is paying dividends for users. “The advantage of a true native client is in the response times,” adds Chris January, VP Engineering at Allinea, “when you’re debugging code on a cluster you don’t want a slow connection to make you step twice or accidentally delete breakpoints. Only a native client can respond quickly enough to keep users in complete control.”

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