TACC to Deploy 20 Petabyte Global File System from DDN

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This week TACC announced it will deploy 20 Petabyte, scalable global file system (GFS) from DDN that will be accessible to all of TACC’s computing and visualization systems.

The rate of data growth during the last decade has been exponential,” said Tommy Minyard, TACC’s director of Advanced Computing Systems. “This new global file system will offer a very large storage pool for thousands of researchers to store persistent data and make it easier for them to perform their scientific research. They will be able to access data from any production system at TACC and use it for later analysis, further processing, or to continue to run their applications.”

The new GFS will provide more than 20 petabytes of storage capacity for scientific data, and will allow scientists to access their data rapidly through its aggregate bandwidth of greater than 100 gigabytes per second. By providing a massive storage capability with high-performance access from all of TACC’s production systems, the system will further diversify the resources available to researchers and eliminate the need for researchers to manage data across multiple systems. This will balance the storage available to all TACC systems and make migration between systems and upgrades to new ones more transparent.

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