Free Webinar: Changing How Programmers Think about Parallel Programming

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On Wednesday, July 17, Bill Gropp from NCSA and John West from HPCMP will host an SIGHPC webinar that focuses on parallel execution models and how programmers need to think about writing programs.

Does the way that programmers or algorithm developers think about the way a parallel computer works influence the approaches that they take? Can the choice of programming approach lead to inefficient solutions? Do we need new ways to program parallel systems? This session will explore common approaches for developing parallel programs and how they can limit scalability and reliability–whether the programs are for single chip parallelism or the world’s largest parallel computers. The importance of an execution model and its relationship to programming models and programming systems will be covered, and why we need to consider new execution models for the parallel systems of the future.

Update: The Webinar is available as a replay. Register now to watch.