New Supercomputers at the Army Research Laboratory’s DoD Supercomputing Resource Center

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The Army Research Laboratory has deployed two new IBM iDataPlex supercomputing systems at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. The new systems extend the ARL DSRC’s aggregate computational capability to just over one PetaFLOPS in support of DoD research, development, test and evaluation programs.

  • Pershing supercomputer
    • 420 Teraflop, 20,160 2.6 GHz Intel Sandy Bridge compute cores, 1,260 nodes, 40 terabytes of memory and 2.5 petabytes of usable disk storage
  • Hercules supercomputer
    • 17,472 Intel Sandy Bridge compute cores, 1,092 nodes, 70 terabytes of memory, and 2.3 petabytes of usable disk storage

The Army’s Research Laboratory has a rich history in the development of technical computing dating back to the ENIAC and to ballistics calculations done by the Army in the early days of computing,” said John West, director of the HPCMP. “These systems continue ARL’s tradition of deploying leading technologies that are directly applicable to the DoD and Army mission, and are a key part of the HPCMP’s computational technology portfolio which is receiving a substantial, multi-petaFLOPS upgrade this year.”

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