PGI Accelerator Goes Beta with Support for OpenACC on APUs

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Today The Portland Group announced that their new PGI Beta release supports OpenACC directive-based accelerator programming for AMD APUs and discrete GPUs.

One of PGI’s goals is to increase productivity and provide performance portability for applications developed and maintained by science and engineering domain experts,” said Douglas Miles, Director of The Portland Group. “The OpenACC standard was developed in direct response to the HPC community’s interest for a vendor-neutral, platform-independent, directive-based accelerator programming model. Adding PGI Accelerator support for AMD APUs and GPUs is the latest step in the evolution of OpenACC and compiler technology for heterogeneous parallel computing at PGI.”

The first Beta release of the PGI Accelerator compilers with support for the OpenACC standard on AMD dGPU and APU platforms is available now on a limited basis, with an open Beta release currently scheduled for later in 2013. Read the Full Story.