PRACE Pilot Program to Foster HPC Adoption in Europe

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The European PRACE organization is launching a pilot program called SHAPE to help small enterprises take advantage of HPC innovation and increase their competitiveness.

Advances in simulation on HPC systems creates new business opportunities. Today, the innovation capabilities of many businesses depend on HPC-supported prototyping, modelling and processing. However, SMEs often lack the knowledge and resources to fully take advantage of these possibilities. SHAPE will help European SMEs overcome those barriers. It will equip SMEs with knowledge on advanced design technologies in order to enable the development of new products and services, reduce time-to-market and cost of R&D or increase the service quality. It will foster technological transfer between academia (i.e. PRACE) and industry and facilitate the definition of a workable solution based on HPC and of an appropriate business model.

The Pilot aims to work with a few selected European SMEs and introduce HPC-based tools and techniques into their business, operational, or production environment. Applications will be accepted through September 15, 2013.