NASA Supercomputer Generates Closer Look at Future Climate in U.S.

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Figures are the same as above, but zooms in over the Northern California-Nevada region, highlighting local climate projections.
Image Credit: NASA

Over at NASA, Ruth Dasso Marlaire writes that researchers using NASA supercomputers have produced climate projections that provide a view of future U.S. temperature and precipitation patterns based on four different greenhouse gas emissions scenarios, spanning the period from 1950 to 2099.

These high-resolution climate scenarios, derived from the best physical models of the climate system available, provide a projection of future climate conditions given certain greenhouse gas emissions scenarios, and account for the effects of local topography on temperature and precipitation patterns. These scenarios can help climate scientists, hydrologists, land and natural resource managers, city planners, engineers and others understand the effects of future climate conditions.

The NEX-DCP30 dataset provides a higher resolution that will be of great reference to the decision-making of natural resource managers, urban planners and the climate change science community,” said Ramakrishna Nemani, senior Earth science researcher at Ames, and a co-author on the study.

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