Quantum Computing Comes to the Cloud

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Today the University of Bristol announced the pending launch of a revolutionary new project called Qcloud to make the resources for quantum computing available for everybody.

At the heart of the project, the quantum processor housed at the Centre for Quantum Photonics at the University of Bristol will become the world’s first open-access system, allowing researchers from anywhere in the world to access it remotely via the internet.

This technology has helped accelerate our research and is allowing us to do things we never thought possible,” said Project leader Professor Jeremy O’Brien. “It’s incredibly exciting to think what might be achieved by making this more widely accessible, not only to the brightest minds already working in research, but to the next generation. I hope that by helping schools to access this technology, and working with the British Science Association to provide educational content around quantum computing, we can achieve incredible things.”

Using the website bristol.ac.uk/quantum-computing schools, academic research institutions and members of the public can log on and access a quantum simulator, which will be accompanied by user guides and manuals to help users get to grips with the basics of quantum computing. Once users are satisfied with the results of their simulation, they can submit their experiment to be run on a real quantum photonic processor.

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