Terascala Launches New Vision to Propel HPC Workflows

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Terascala logoToday Terascala unveiled its vision for making HPC more efficient for organizations that rely upon simulation, analysis, and modeling techniques to bring new discoveries and products to market faster. In what the company is describing as a holistic approach, Terascala’s vision treats HPC as a connected system of hardware, data, applications and workflows that must be optimized in combination to achieve the best results.

Just so you know, what we are really talking about here is fast scratch storage.

Some time ago, we recognized that for HPC to be effective in the enterprise, the industry would need to adopt a holistic approach to the HPC lifecycle,” said Steve Butler, CEO, Terascala. “The fastest storage is useless if the user applications are architected in such a way that they cannot take advantage of it. Terascala’s vision of optimizing application workflows will maximize the return on investment organizations gain from their large investments in HPC infrastructure.”

To deliver on this vision, Terascala offers TeraOS, the operating system and analytics that transform block storage and controllers into an easy-to-manage storage appliance that delivers multiple gigabytes per second of throughput for HPC workloads. The company’s TeraOS is integrated with partner storage products from Dell and NetApp.

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