Sanger Institute Deploys 22 Petabytes of Lustre-Powered DDN Storage

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sanger logoThis week DDN announced that the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has deployed over 22 petabytes of the company’s Lustre-powered high-performance storage. As one of the top five scientific institutions in the world specializing in DNA sequencing, Sanger Institute embraces the latest technologies to research the genetic basis of global health problems, including cancer, malaria, diabetes, obesity and infectious diseases.

If you need 10,000 cores to perform an extra layer of analysis in an hour, you have to scale a significant cluster to get answers quickly. You need a real solution that can address everything from very small to extremely large data sets,” Tim Cutts, acting head of scientific computing, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, said. “We have to explore emerging technologies that could play a significant role in our future architecture. We need solutions that give us a much better way to provide storage to our expanding user community with good access controls through iRODS.”

The Sanger Institute selected DDN’s SFA high-performance storage engine and EXAScaler Lustre file system appliance to deliver unprecedented levels of throughput and scalability to support tens of thousands of data sequences requiring up to 10,000 CPU hours of computational analysis. With more than 2,000 scientists around the world, DDN SFA storage will also help facilitate data access and sharing including for those who access data through the Sanger Institute’s website, which results in 20 million hits and 12 million impressions each week.

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