Students in India using Allinea to Cut Code Development Time by a Third

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Allinea logoAllinea reports that students at IIT Madras are debugging and profiling parallel code in record time, using the company’s DDT and MAP tools. Demand for parallel programming skills is rapidly taking off, and Indian Universities are stepping up to the challenge with access to state-of-art software development tools.

IIT MadrasProfessor Sunil Kumar, Head of High Performance Computing at IIT Madras is determined to help his students get the best possible training. Recognizing that the Institute did not have enough staff to help the students when they hit problems, he began looking into the best way to ensure each trainee parallel coder learns what they need to know. When he saw a demonstration of the debugger Allinea DDT, Professor Kumar knew he had found what he was looking for. Alongside, Allinea MAP, the performance profiling tool, it provided a fully rounded solution to the students’ issues.

The easy to follow, informative GUI is the way forward for us” said Professor Kumar. “We have a mixture of users consisting of experienced users and many students who are just getting exposed to parallel programming or software development. We find Allinea Software’s tools help the whole spectrum of our users. Allinea MAP lets students profile their code without the need to instrument, and without degrading their application’s performance during run time – and presents results within a GUI that is easy for new students to understand. And Allinea DDT has helped to identify frustrating errors in code that simply don’t show up with other debuggers, including identifying memory leaks.”

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