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Dr. Thomas Sterling Named First Recipient of The Exascale Report’s HPC Vanguard Award

The Exascale Report announced today that Dr. Thomas Sterling is the first recipient of the HPC Vanguard Award in recognition of his outstanding leadership role in the HPC community’s strategic push to achieve exascale levels of supercomputing performance.

Dr. Sterling was presented the award at the SC13 conference in Denver today by Mike Bernhardt, Publisher of The Exascale Report™ and creator of the award. Dr. Sterling was one of six award finalists chosen by the votes from hundreds of members of the HPC community.

Thomas Sterling is Professor of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. He serves as the Executive Associate Director of CREST and as its Chief Scientist. Since receiving his Ph.D from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Hertz Fellow in 1984, Dr. Sterling has conducted research in parallel computing systems in industry, academia, and government centers. He is most widely known for his pioneering work in commodity cluster computing as leader of the Beowulf Project for which he and colleagues were awarded the Gordon Bell Prize. Professor Sterling currently leads a team of researchers at IU to derive the advanced ParalleX execution model and develop a proof-of-concept reference implementation to enable a new generation of extreme scale computing systems and applications. He is the co-author of six books and holds six patents.

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