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Thomas Sterling Presents: ParalleX Execution Model for Exascale Astrophysics

Thomas Sterling

“This talk describes an experimental methodology, ParalleX, that addresses Exascale challenges through a change in the fundamental model of parallel computation from that of the communicating sequential processes (e.g., MPI) to an innovative synthesis of concepts involving message-driven work-queue execution in the context of a global address space.”

Panel: 2020 HPC Platform Architectures and Their Impact on Storage


In this panel discussion from LUG 2014, Lustre users predict 2020 HPC Platform Architectures and Their Impact on Storage. “What will the future of HPC storage look like in the National Labs? This panel discussion suggest that storage will be vectoring off into some very new and interesting directions.”

Lessons from the Railway for Supercomputing at ISC’14


“The current time-horizon of HPC is not much more than five to ten years, with Exascale as the goal. But can we ensure that supercomputing embeds itself so deeply into the productive economy as to be indispensable a century from now? And will it be regarded as a thing of beauty, rather than just a technical artifact? And is Exascale the only destination?”

DK Panda Presents: Programming Models for Exascale Systems


“This talk will focus on programming models and their designs for upcoming exascale systems with millions of processors and accelerators. Current status and future trends of MPI and PGAS (UPC and OpenSHMEM) programming models will be presented. We will discuss challenges in designing runtime environments for these programming models by taking into account support for multi-core, high-performance networks, GPGPUs, Intel MIC, scalable collectives (multi-core-aware, topology-aware, and power-aware), non-blocking collectives using Offload framework, one-sided RMA operations, schemes and architectures for fault-tolerance/fault-resilience.”

Peter B. Littlewood Named Director of Argonne National Lab


This week Argonne National Lab announced that Peter B. Littlewood from the University of Chicago has been selected to serve as Argonne’s 13th director.

Video: Towards an Exascale Operating System


In this video from the PRACE Winter School 2014, Ely Levy from Hebrew University presents: Towards an Exascale Operating System.

This Week in HPC: Japan’s Exascale Plans and HPC Conference March Madness


In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss Japan’s Exascale plans from the Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC) conference. After that, the topic switches to the coming Springtime Tsunami of HPC conferences.

Video: CRESTA Takes on the Exascale Challenge


“It is quite clear that the global economies that invest in modelling and simulation are those that will, over time, gain the greatest competitive advantage and reap the largest economic benefits. Hence the current scramble to invest in large-scale leading-edge HPC systems worldwide. There is a clear understanding worldwide that the net economic impact of such systems greatly outweighs the amount of money spent procuring them.”

Report: Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing


The DOE ASCR Exascale Mathematics Working Group has published their 2014 report entitled: Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing.

Algorithmic and Software Challenges For Numerical Libraries at Exascale

Jack Dongarra

In this video from the Exascale Computing in Astrophysics Conference in Switzerland, Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee presents: Algorithmic and Software Challenges For Numerical Libraries at Exascale.