HPC News Bytes 20240527: China and TSMC, CryptoSuper500 Report, Musk’s 100,000-GPU Cluster, EU and AI, Nvidia Keeps Hot Pace

Good Memorial Day morning to you! Here’s a rapid run-through of recent news from the world of HPC-AI: – Techno-politics, China, TSMC, and ASML remote disablement – CryptoSuper500 report on Bitcoin as Specialized Supercomputing – xAI says it will build AI supercomputer with 100,000 H100 GPUs – AI regulations in EU go into effect next […]

JetCool Unveils Liquid Cooling for Nvidia H100 GPUs

Littleton MA – April 30, 2024 – Liquid cooling company JetCool today announced the availability of its liquid cooling module for Nvidia’s H100 SXM and PCIe GPUs. Unveiled initially at the 2023 Supercomputing Conference, JetCool’s SmartPlate technology has undergone extensive performance validation with Nvidia’s H100 GPUs. It surpasses conventional air cooling methods, delivering a performance improvement […]

Vultr Expands Cloud Nvidia H100 GPU Capacity

March 5, 2024 — Cloud hosting and cloud servers company Vultr announced the expansion of our Seattle cloud data center region at Sabey Data Centers’ SDC Columbia location in East Wenatchee, Washington. This expansion includes an increase in NVIDIA HGX H100 clusters, which are now available on demand and via reserved contracts. Vultr’s decision to […]

Accelerated HPC for Energy Efficiency with AWS and NVIDIA

Many industries are starting to run HPC in the cloud. Find out how GPU-accelerated compute, from AWS and NVIDIA, is helping organizations run HPC workloads and AI/ML jobs faster, in a more energy-efficient way.

NVIDIA Reveals Eos Supercomputer: 4,600 H100 GPUs for 18 AI Exaflops

NVIDIA Thursday released a video that offers the first public look at Eos (pictured here), a monster 18.4 exaflops FP8 AI supercomputer powered by 576 DGX H100 systems… NVIDIA said Eos would be ranked no. 9 on the TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers, according….

HPC News Bytes 20231002: Lisa Su on AMD-NVIDIA GPU Competition; ASML EUV at Intel Fab in Ireland; AI Job Elimination; SC23 Coming up

A happy October morning to you! Our lineup of quick (4:36) commentary on recent HPC news includes: AMD’s Lisa Su on the AMD-NVIDIA GPU competition; ASML EUV at Intel-4 fab in Ireland starts volume production; AI’s job elimination impact; SC23 is coming Nov 12-17….