Eurotech Introduces Mini HPC Systems at SC13

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This week Eurotech announced their new concept of mini HPC system at SC13. To meet the growing demand for smaller HPC systems that cater to SMEs’ and departmental computational needs and to bridge the gap between a $1000 workstation and a $10m data center, Eurotech presents the Aurora G-Station (powered by Nvidia Tesla GPUs), and the Aurora Cube.The Aurora products are fan-less so they make no noise thanks to the company’s Direct Liquid Cooling technology; they present no messy cabling thanks to an intelligent backplane that provides nodes interconnects and distributes the water and low voltage electrical power; and the G-Station and Cube are launched in a moment when the major industrial applications companies in CAE, CFD, rendering, computational chemistry, etc. are effectively proposing software solutions that scale better on CPUs but also over GPUs accelerators.

Workstation are the still the widespread answer to departmental and SME high performance computing needs,” said Giovanbattista Mattiussi, head of HPC marketing at Eurotech. “But, although they are much more powerful now than few years ago, in many cases they are not enough. I recently visited an automotive customer and even though they had the most powerful workstations in the market networked together with Gb Ethernet, their simulations take from days to weeks to complete.”
Water cooling and high density design provide noiselessness and compactness that allow the deployment of Aurora mini clusters in an office, with no need of a controlled environment. The Auroras are equipped with heaters, valves and everything needed to prevent dew point condensation, while the hot water cooling technology allows water temperature of over 50 °C (122 °F). This means that the Eurotech systems provide a self-sufficient way of controlling the environmental variables, resulting in an extremely powerful HPC cluster with the same “deployability” of a simple workstation.
Read the Full Story. Visit Eurotech Booth #1105 at SC13.