CoolIT System Chills UNLV Cherry Creek Supercomputer

Today CoolIT Systems announced that a partnership of industry leaders have delivered one of the world’s most powerful liquid-cooled supercomputers to the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).

Nobel Lecture Series: Data, Computation and the Fate of the Universe

In this video from the NERSC Nobel Lecture Series: Saul Perlmutter from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab presents “Data, Computation and the Fate of the Universe.” Perlmuitter won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. As part of our feature, we’ve included an insideHPC interview with Saul Perlmutter from SC13.

Managing Hyperscale Environments with HP Insight CMU

Bill Cellmaster from HP presented this talk in the Adaptive Computing booth at SC13. “HP Insight Cluster Management Utility (HP Insight CMU) is an efficient and robust hyperscale cluster lifecycle management framework and suite of tools for large Linux clusters such as those found in High Performance Computing (HPC) environments.”

NREL’s Peregrine: HP’s Warm Water Cooled HPC Platform

Nicholas Dube from HP presented this talk at the Adaptive Computing booth at SC13. “The ESIF data center is designed to achieve an annualized average power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.06 or better. Going beyond traditional PUE measurements, the NREL HPC Data Center is using warm-water liquid cooling for its high-power computer components, then capturing and reusing that waste heat as the primary heat source in the ESIF offices and laboratory space.”

Video: Intel’s Genevieve Bell Keynotes SC13

“Bell’s fascinating talk on the intersection of big data and society began in 11th century England with the Doomsday Book of William the Conqueror, and brought the audience forward through ten centuries to the big data opportunities — and challenges — we face as a society today.”

Porting Hadoop to HPC

Ralph H. Castain from Intel presented this talk at the Adaptive Computing booth at SC13. “The solution allows customers to leverage both their HPC and big data investments in a single platform, as opposed to operating them in siloed environments. The convergence between big data and HPC environments will only grow stronger as organizations demand data processing models capable of extracting the results required to make data-driven decisions.”

Smart Power Management with NREL, HP, and Adaptive Computing

Dave Jackson from Adaptive Computing presented this talk at SC13. “NREL has a vision and a mission to advance power management to the next level. Right now, a user has no idea how much power they are consuming. And if they have no idea, they have no motivation to change their behavior.”

Video: Why Cray is Such a Strong Supporter of Student Cluster Competitions

In this slidecast, Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting discusses why Cray is such a strong supporter of the Student Cluster Competition with the company’s John Lee.

An HSA Overview

Over at the Stream Computing Blog, Vincent Hindriksen has posted an overview of the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA). “HSA changes the way memory is handled by eliminating a hierarchy in processing-units. In a hUMA architecture, the CPU and the GPU (inside the APU) have full access to the entire system memory.”

How New Features in CUDA 6 Make GPU Acceleration Easier

Mark Harris from Nvidia presents this talk from SC13. “The performance and efficiency of CUDA, combined with a thriving ecosystem of programming languages, libraries, tools, training, and services, have helped make GPU computing a leading HPC technology. Learn how powerful new features in CUDA 6 make GPU computing easier than ever, helping you accelerate more of your application with much less code.”