New Eurotech G-Station Deskside HPC system

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eurotechToday Eurotech announced their new G-Station, a liquid-cooled departmental HPC system. Available with GPU accelerators, the G-Station was designed to meet growing demand for smaller HPC systems in the enterprise and bridge bridge the gap between a $1000 workstation and a $10 million datacenter.

The Eurotech idea behind the G-Station is to make available full supercomputer functionality in a compact box that, thanks to water cooling, makes little or no noise and doesn’t need air conditioning or a controlled environment. This makes it possible to deploy a G-Station under an office desk and, leveraging remote visualization, to provide effective departmental workstations replacement and installation of private clouds. Apart from being silent and saving space, the G-Station saves energy, since it spares air conditioning and is designed according to the Aurora Tigon architecture, one of the most energy- efficient HPC architectures in the world.

Download the Specification Sheet.