How Much Should a Teraflop Cost?

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Leo Reiter

Leo Reiter

Over at the Nimbix Blog, CTO Leo Reiter writes that while Southern Methodist University may have acquired their new 120 Teraflop “ManeFrame” for a song, HPC on demand is changing the notion of how much a Teraflop should cost.

Back to our HPC on demand idea… why not pay only for what you need, when you need it? Using our JARVICE supercomputer, we can deliver 120 teraFLOPS for less than $200 per hour. The same electromagnetic simulation costing close to $600 on the ManeFrame (in slice of CAPEX cost alone) can be yours for only $156 total on the Nimbix cloud. And unlike the ManeFrame, it shuts off automatically when it’s done, so you don’t keep paying even when it’s idle. The $156 includes space, cooling, power, and humans to help make sure it runs smoothly as well. Don’t forget that you can’t just “slice off” $600 of ManeFrame – you still have to invest $6.5 million, plus the operating costs. With JARVICE, the $156 is the total amount you pay for the example job with no other strings attached.

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