Allinea Software Tools Speed Computing at University of Nebraska

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schorrcenterThe Holland Computing Center HPC support team at the University of Nebraska is using Allinea Software’s unified debugging and profiling tools to help users speed up their scientific computing. With the need to support four clusters and total of 20,000 compute cores, Nebraska’s HPC support team provides assistance to many users of large MPI applications for the physics, chemistry and biology departments – and, increasingly, the University’s medical center. Users come to the HPC support team to discover why their code is running slow, and, often, why it does not work as expected. Trying to work out the issues in user’s applications was becoming a major time sink for the team.

Providing application support for so many users and their applications is a hard challenge,” said David Lecomber, CEO of Allinea Software. “We are glad to be helping Nebraska’s Holland Computing Center in this task. Scalable integrated debugging and profiling tools make a major impact on HPC applications teams – and getting those tools into the hands of users is incredibly empowering for the users: they soon realize that they have the power and ability to make a difference to their own code’s performance and capability too.”

The support team ensures that all users have access to the Allinea Software tools and understand what the tools can do for them. “We’re putting together examples for our users to show them what the tools are capable of so that they can independently do their investigations,” says David Swanson, director of the Holland Computing Center.

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