Big Data Visualization with TACC Maverick

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Over at VizWorld, Dean Meyers writes that the new Maverick system at TACC is a unique, powerful, high performance visualization and data analytics resource for the open science and engineering community.

Dr. Kelly Gaither described Maverick as “a next generation remote and interactive visualization and data analysis resource”. Maverick was created in collaboration with NVIDIA and HP (see the specifications below), and deployed on March 3, 2014. She summarized the Maverick environment as, “having supercomputing capability, but with a laptop interface.” For the user, she says “it feels like they’re at their laptop or desktop, but it’s got the power of a supercomputing center at the back end.”

Maverick debuts the new NVIDIA K40 GPU for remote visualization and GPU computing to the national community.

Maverick Specifications for Visualization:

  • 132 Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 Ivy Bridge processors and run at 2.8GHz (dual socket) nodes
  • 132 NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPUs
  • TACC-developed remote vis software: ScoreVIS, DisplayCluster, GLuRay
  • Visualization software stack: Paraview, VisIT, EnSight, Amira

Maverick Specifications for Data:

  • 132 1/4TB memory nodes
  • Connected to 20PB file system
  • Mellanox FDR InfiniBand interconnect
  • Comprehensive software includes: MATLAB, Parallel R

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