Jim Ryan Recaps the OpenFabrics Workshop 2014

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Jim Ryan, OFA Chair

Jim Ryan, OFA Chair

Over at the OpenFabrics Blog, OFA Chairman Jim Ryan writes that the recent OpenFabrics Workshop reflected a year of work identifying and engaging with interest groups.

What does this mean to the OFA? To tell you the truth, we don’t know yet; we’re just getting started. We’ve expanded our areas of focus and are learning what those applications require of high performance networks. Actively seeking input from interest groups can result in new activities. It’s easy to imagine the creation of multiple active forums, each of which could be generating requirements and suggestions specific to their areas. Some of these could result in code and APIs, and some could influence the course and direction of the OFA. We haven’t always been responsive to this type of input but if we are to maintain our leadership in enabling high bandwidth, low latency fabrics we must do a better job.

Ryan goes on to say that the next Workshop will bring together an even broader base of folks, enabling the OFA to do a better job in enhancing and maintaining OFS.

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