Why Implement Virtual Machines in HPC?

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Kevin Wohlever

Kevin Wohlever, Director of  the Shared Infrastructure Division of the Ohio Technology Consortium

Over at the OH Tech Blog, Kevin Wohlever writes that financial savings derived from virtualization come by way of improved processes, enhanced services, and increased staff productivity. Basically, if the systems staff is focused on providing more and better services instead of always fixing problems with existing services, the productivity will improve overall.

As director of OH-TECH’s Shared Infrastructure group, I see how virtual systems provide us with a number of significant and tangible benefits and the ability to offer expanded services. I have always looked at virtual machines for the following primary organizational benefits:

  • To improve the reliability services
  • To expand the capabilities of the organization
  • To handle short-term service needs or service-usage spikes
  • To improve utilization of hardware
  • To provide a better business continuity and disaster recovery capability
  • To provide platforms for new and legacy services

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