DDN Storage Solution Does 5 Petabytes Per Rack

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imgresToday DataDirect Networks announced the availability of the “world’s densest storage solution” with capacity of more than 5 PBs in a single rack. Tuned for Big Data and HPC markets, the DDN ultrahigh density SS8460 disk drive enclosures can handle up to 84 drives with 6 TB drives in just 4U rack space.

In a world where data growth is outpacing the power and space needed to store and manage it, customers are relying on the vendors that continually innovate to maximize data center footprint and power utilization. DDN’s rich history in delivering market firsts is reinforced in this latest generation of storage enclosures which is designed to specifically meet customer requirements for massive density, performance and value. With this latest 5 PB offering, we continue to maintain our density lead in the market, as well as our position as the de facto choice for high performance storage for HPC, FSI and large enterprise customers.”

By nearly doubling the amount of storage in a single rack than was previously available, DDN offers up to 40 percent more density as compared to even the highest density storage array offerings available in the market today, thereby slashing Operational Expense by half and delivering unprecedented levels of performance and scalability for organizations looking to solve their Big Data challenges.

The SS8460 is available today and can be configured with either the SFA12K or SFA7700 products.