Announcing the Ceemple Tool for C++ Technical Computing

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ceempleProgrammers have a new tool for technical computing in Windows. Ceemple is an innovative solution enabling rapid C++ based scientific computing. Available as a free download for academic use, Ceemple features the productivity of MATLAB and Python, combined with the performance and integration of standard C++.

Ceemple enables you to rapidly code your algorithms in an easy C++ language, letting you focus on writing your algorithms while taking care of non-core issues: declaring variables, managing includes, creating projects, importing libraries,” said Efrat Herbst, business development at Ceemple.


Ceemple offers JIT-based immediate-response development environment, enabling instant compilation of C++ code while leveraging the native C++ performance. The resulting program is optimized to maximum run-time performance.

Many of you told me about the problems being faced, while installing openCV in windows and how you failed to integrate it to into your existing Code Blocks or Dev C++ software,” said Dileep Kumar from the All About openCV Blog. “Now it’s all done for you by the Ceemple team. You just need to download, install and zup… ready to go. It is too easy. Also, you have a hell lot of other libraries including Matlab, Python etc., which you can use for building real things – super fast. If you are a less software guy and more of a researcher, this tool is the boon for you, and it’s open source nature makes it tasty enough for gulping directly.”

According to Herbst, Ceemple now includes the world class OpenCV computer vision library. Together with the graphics and computational libraries (such as OpenCL, dlib, Boost, matplotlib and others), Ceemple provides OpenCV developers “the best C++ computer vision development platform, significantly increasing both productivity and performance.”

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