AFRL Fires Up 1.28 Petaflop “Lightning” Supercomputer

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img0975-304xx4320-2880-0-180Today Wright-Patterson Air Force Base announced the installation of a $20.8 million Cray supercomputer that will double the available processing power at the base’s Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Named after the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter, the 1.28 Petaflop supercomputer will be used to streamline testing time and cut costs on important research initiatives such as hypersonic flight, heavy-lift space rockets, and exotic rocket fuels.

The Lightning works in tandem with the $24 million “Spirit” supercomputer, the SGI Altix Ice X, inside the Information Technology Center at Wright-Patterson. AFRL also has an IBM iDataPlex supercomputer dubbed Riptide in Maui, Hawaii.

Officials at Wright-Patterson said they plan to double their supercomputing capacity again by 2017.

Source: Dayton Daily News

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