Call for Papers: Workshop on Python for High Performance & Scientific Computing

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PyHPC2014-Logo_250x250The 4th Workshop on Python for High Performance and Scientific Computing (PyHPC 2014) has extended its Call for Papers deadline to Sept. 12. The event takes place Nov. 17 in conjunction with SC14.

The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and the wider community using Python in all aspects of high performance and scientific computing. The goal is to present Python applications from mathematics, science, and engineering, to discuss general topics regarding the use of Python (such as language design and performance issues), and to share experience using Python in scientific computing education. The special focus of this workshop will be on interactive parallel computing with IPython. The interactive shell IPython with its browser-based notebook interface provides an easy-to-use solution to develop, execute, debug, and monitor parallel Python applications. It is a convenient technology to document and distribute the application, too. Since, the use of IPython is rising rapidly in science and education, we encourage you to submit papers describing IPython-based solution for parallel computing, documentation, or education.

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