Fujitsu to Build Aziz Cluster at King Abdulaziz University

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imgresToday Fujitsu announced that the company will deliver a new supercomputer to King Abdulaziz University (KAU). The 230 Teraflop cluster will be named “Aziz” and will consist primarily of a cluster of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX250 S2 x86 servers and a storage system that includes models from the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS series. Fujitsu will also provide a number of end-to-end services such as day-to-day management of operations and operational load of the system by highly skilled support staff.

Through our supercomputer technology, Fujitsu strives to contribute to building a prosperous society where people can live in peace of mind. We are proud to present KAU with a new supercomputer system, which is based on our strong expertise in HPC, as well as our know-how in services and support. KAU has given a very positive evaluation of the system, and we are confident that it will benefit KAU’s advanced research and educational activities in a variety of fields of science and technology, not only in Saudi Arabia but around the world.”

As the largest university in Saudi Arabia with more than 160,000 students, KAU plans to use the new system to advance their research capabilities across a number of scientific fields, while offering HPC cloud services to other educational, government, and commercial entities in the region.

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