India to Build Petascale Supercomputing Capabilities

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hipc logoThe Hindustan Times writes that India is working to approve a seven-year National Supercomputing Mission to build a nation-wide network of Petascale supercomputers.

The includes plans to set up 73 supercomputing facilities on a buy-and-build approach at academic and research institutions across the country and network them into a grid. Three of them — the first ones to be set up over the first three years — would be India’s first supercomputers capable of peta-scale computing and would join a global league of just 37 such machines.

This can be transformative for our high-end training efforts and for developing home-grown applications for our needs in basic science and in applications in medicine, agriculture and technology,” said Rajat Moona, director general of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing that gave India her first supercomputer.

The supercomputing network will be used for research into such as areas weather and climate modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and the nation’s space program.

In related news, the HiPC Conference will be held Dec. 17-20 in Goa, India.

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