Penguin Updates Artica Open Network Switches

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articaToday Penguin Computing augmented the company’s line of high performance network switches with the new Arctica 3200xlp. Designed for aggregation spine layers, the new 3200xlp switch provides 32 ports of 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The 4806xp switch is ideal as a leaf switch combining 10 Gigabit host links and 40 Gigabit uplinks that provide cost-efficient, industry standard Twinax cables, while offering multiple 40 Gigabit copper and optical links options for leaf spine connectivity.

The new 10G and 40G switches from Penguin Computing meet a growing demand for open networking platforms globally,” said Reza Malekzadeh, VP of Business, Cumulus Networks. “The expanded portfolio, the first of its kind featuring platforms with hardware VXLAN and x86 CPU, enables our joint customers to achieve affordable capacity and improved workflow orchestration while leveraging flexible architectures for their high-performance computing and enterprise applications.”

3200xlPenguin Computing is focused on integrating, delivering and supporting Linux-based compute, storage and networking solutions for High Performance Compute clusters and Internet data centers.

Data center deployments are increasing in scale and customers require cost-effective solutions with uncompromised performance for these demanding applications,” said Jussi Kukkonen, Director of Product Management, Penguin Computing. “Penguin’s newly expanded Arctica switch portfolio meets these needs for the most challenging data center architectures.”

The Arctica line of switches is offered in Penguin’s rack level solutions and also as standalone products. The new Arctica 3200xlp switch will be available in early 4th calendar quarter of 2014.

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