Video: Computation, Big Data, and the Future of Cities

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charlieIn this video from the Argonne OutLoud Series, Charile Catlett from Argonne National Labs presents: Computation, Big Data, and the Future of Cities.

Over the next several decades, the population of the world’s urban areas will nearly double, increasing by 2.6 billion people and requiring massive urban expansion globally. In addition to unprecedented increases in urban density and scale, cities face challenges related to adapting to climate change as well as energy, water, and food security. Today’s leading cities are also collecting and publishing an increasing volume and diversity of city data and deploying advanced technologies to optimize many city services and functions. These new data sources are catalyzing new applications and services, changing the way that citizens can interact with the built environment, city government, and one another. Charlie Catlett is a Senior Computer Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and a Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute, a joint initiative of Argonne and the University of Chicago. Within the Computation Institute, he is Director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data. Charlie will talk about how he and his colleagues are using high-performance computing, data analytics, and embedded systems to better understand and design cities.

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