Print ‘n Fly Guide to New Orleans Cuisine

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printIt’s been four years since the SC supercomputing conference came to the great city of New Orleans. At insideHPC, we are getting ready with an all-new Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’ve updated our popular Local’s Guide to New Orleans Cuisine. With the very best restaurants listed by neighborhood, the Local’s Guide is one of the most popular fixtures on insideHPC.

The Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans is designed to be an in-flight magazine custom tailored for your journey to the Big Easy at SC14. Sponsored by Intel, the Guide will feature articles on code modernization.

Table of Contents: Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans 

The Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans is now available for download.

As a supplement to the guide, we also offer this Sci-Fi Original story by Rich Brueckner: Angels of Silence. We hope you can enjoy it on your flight to New Orleans.