Gigamon Enables Threat Detection and Analysis at 100Gb Rates at SCinet

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 Gigamon announced that for the fifth straight year it will support visibility into SCinet during SC14. Scinet is one of the fastest, most powerful and advanced networks in the world for the fastest computers in the world . Gigamon is providing multiple Visibility Fabric nodes and GigaSMART applications that provide traffic intelligence for the monitoring and security tools that help keep SCinet performing and secures the network for the academics and researchers who use the network. Gigamon is partnering with Reservoir Labs to help secure the network from both internal and external threats.

SCinet is known for its leading-edge infrastructure to serve the high performance computing community at the SC Conference. It takes a high performance visibility fabric to ensure we have the pervasive visibility we need to monitor and maintain the performance and security of that network,” said Kate Mace, SC14’s SCinet Chair. “We appreciate Gigamon’s contribution to SCinet so that our contributors, scientists and exhibitors and researchers can perform the supercomputing and cloud computing experiments and run the associated applications that help drive pioneering and world-changing research.”

Gigamon is providing SCinet with GigaVUE-HD8 and GigaVUE-HC2 Visibility Fabric nodes with patented Flow Mapping® technology, allowing the network administrators to specify individual traffic delivery profiles to centralized tools. Gigamon provided passive TAPs for the two 100Gb, bi-directional links between the show floor and three core routers for 400Gbps of traffic, which is then forwarded to Gigamon’s GigaVUE-HD8 Visibility Fabric node. For threat analysis, the traffic coming from the two 100Gb links is passed to the R-Scope® DOMINATE Network Security Monitoring Appliances, from Gigamon’s newest partner, Reservoir Labs, via 20 load-balanced, 10Gb ports. The GigaVUE-HD8 also filters traffic flows of interest to an R-Scope PACE appliance for analysis. Additionally, the GigaVUE-HD8 filters and forwards upwards of 80Gbps of traffic to a traditional switching network that feeds network analytic and performance tools. Lastly, the GigaVUE-HD8 forwards select traffic to a Gigamon GigaVUE-HC2 fabric node for generation of NetFlow-based flow statistics at line rate for much more accurate analytics.

Visit Gigamon and SCinet  booth #1358 at SC14.

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