2015 International OFS Developer’s Workshop Video Gallery

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Welcome to the 2015 International OFS Developer’s Workshop Video Gallery

Conference Agenda:

Day 1 – Monday, March 16

Keynote: Preparing the Broad DOE Office of Science User Community for Advanced Manycore Architectures, Katie Antypas, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/NERSC Video * Slides
OFA Workshop Goals, Jim Ryan (Chair) and Paul Grun (V Chair) – Cray Video * Slides
A Taste of OFI, Sean Hefty (OFIWG Co-Chair) Intel Video * Slides
OFI – Perspective and Experiences with OFI in MPICH, Ken Raffenetti, Argonne Video * Slides
OFI – Experiences Building an OFI Provider for USNIC, Jeff Squyres, Cisco Video * Slides
OFI – Porting Extended Sockets (EXS) to OFI, Patrick MacArthur, UNH/IOL Video * Slides
OFI – The State of libfabrics in Open MPI, Jeff Squyres, Cisco Video * Slides
LANL Perspective on OFI, Howard Pritchard, LANL Video * Slides
Byte Addressable Memory, Bernard Metzler, IBM Video * Slides
NVMe Introduction & Tutorial, Dave Akerson, Intel Video * Slides
NVMe over Fabrics, Dave Minturn, Intel Video * Slides
SNIA NVM Programming Model Work Group Update, Doug Voight, HP Video * Slides
RDMA and NVM Programming Model, Doug Voight, HP Video * Slides
National Lab Forum – Requirements for Exascale reps of all labs present and on the phone
NVM/Burst Buffers, Bob Pearson, Cray Video * Slides
Microsoft Update on RDMA, Tom Talpey, Microsoft Video * Slides
OFA Annual General Meeting, Jim Ryan (Chair) – Intel Video * Slides

Day 2 – Tuesday, March 17

Oak Ridge National Lab, Pavel Shamis, ORNL Video * Slides
Introduction to OFV, Liran Liss, Mellanox Video * Slides
OFV: Accelerated Verbs, Liran Liss, Mellanox Video * Slides
Multipath RDMA, Elad Raz, Mellanox Video * Slides
InfiniBand Virtualization Standardization, Alex Netes, Liran Liss, Mellanox Video * Slides
Virtual RDMA Devices, Parav Pandit, Emulex Video * Slides
Workload Driven Memory Registration, Parav Pandit, Emulex Video * Slides
Increasing SCSI LLD Driver Performance by Using the SCSI Multiqueue App, Bart Van Assche, SanDisk, Video * Slides
RDMA Container Support, Liran Liss, Mellanox Video * Slides
NFS over RDMA, Shirley Ma & Chuck Lever, Oracle Video
Fabrics – Why we love them and Why we hate them, Dave Dunning, Intel Video * Slides
 SoCs for HPC, Dave Donofrio, NERSC Video * Slides
Rapid I/O Update, Rick O’Connor, Rapid I/O Video * Slides
Soft RoCE Drivers, Liran Liss, Mellanox Video * Slides
EWG 2015 Plan, Woody Woodruff, Intel Video * Slides
IWG 2015 Plan, Tim Carlin, UNH-IOL Video * Slides
TAC 2015 Plan, Frank Berry, Intel Video * Slides

Day 3 – Wednesday, March 18

Lawrence Livermore National Lab CORAL/Sierra Update, Matt Leininger, LLNL Video * Slides
Red Hat Update, Doug Ledford, Red Hat Video * Slides
SUSE Update, John Jolly, SUSE Video * Slides
LNet use of OFED and the Future, Doug Oucharek, Intel Video * Slides
Redhat Experiences with Storage and Virtualization, Doug Ledford, Red Hat Video * Slides
Internet of Things & Fabrics Guy Ailee, Intel Video * Slides
Wrapup, Jim Ryan, Intel Video * Slides
 OFA Interoperability Working Group, Tim Carlin, UNH/IOL Video * Slides