Asetek Lands Largest Order Yet for RackCDU with Fujitsu

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asetekWith a value in excess of $550K USD and approximately 40 racks worth of cooling, including more than 5000 pumps and loops for CPU, GPU and memory, it is the largest single order Asetek has received so far on its RackCDU products. Delivery and revenue is currently scheduled for Q2.

This order substantiates the impact of our milestone partnership with Fujitsu and further validates our strategy of cooling data centers through top tier OEMs,” said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek.

RackCDU is Asetek’s innovative hot water, direct-to-chip, data center liquid cooling technology, which removes heat from CPUs, GPUs, memory modules and other hot spots within servers, using an all-liquid path and rejecting the heat into ambient outdoor air without chilling. As validated by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, RackCDU enables cooling savings in excess of 50%, density increases of 2.5x to 5.0x, and recovery of all the server energy removed by RackCDU for reuse in facility heating and cooling.

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