Bright Partners with CVIS for Benelux HPC

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bright-cluster-manager-standardToday Bright Computing announced a partnership with CVIS, a Dutch-based company that delivers innovative HPC solutions to organizations in the Benelux region.

CVIS partners with an ecosystem of best of breed companies in the HPC space, to design, build and implement groundbreaking ICT environments that suit the specific compute requirements of each of its customers. Founded in 2006, CVIS delivers and supports these HPC infrastructure solutions on a standalone on-premise basis. CVIS is also the official reseller in the Benelux region for OCF, which empowers CVIS to offer its customers the added value of “bursting” into the cloud to harness additional compute power on an ad hoc basis.

Our partnership with CVIS presents two opportunities for the Benelux market,” said Mark Sargeant, Sales Director, UK & Benelux at Bright. “Firstly, CVIS customers now have the option to introduce Bright infrastructure management software, to manage their on-premise hardware, operating system, and HPC software, thus benefiting from ease of use, cost and time savings. Secondly, if CVIS customers choose to cloudburst for additional compute power, Bright naturally extends to support this on-demand solution as well, providing a seamless view of both environments, from a single portal.”

By partnering with Bright, CVIS now offers Bright Cluster Manager to its customer base, which allows them to introduce an infrastructure management layer into their ICT environment, to automate and improve processes, save time, and reduce administration costs. As Bright installs out of the box, is easy to use, and is functionally rich, there is a clear business case for introducing Bright into these HPC environments.

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