Univa Rolls Out Universal Resource Broker

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univa logoToday Univa announced the Universal Resource Broker, an enterprise-class workload optimization solution for high performance, containerized and shared data centers. The new solution enables organizations to achieve massive scalability of shared data center resources and lay the foundation for the Internet of Things. Designed to work seamlessly with legacy systems, the Universal Resource Broker creates a single compute pool out of distributed data center resources.

ActiveState was an early adopter of the most recent generation of containers”, said Bernard Golden, Vice President Strategy, ActiveState Software and author of Amazon Web Services for Dummies, “and it’s clear from our experience that they will drive much larger computing footprints as their ease and efficiency becomes more accepted. This means that managing the much larger underlying infrastructure environments will be a critical challenge. Univa’s Universal Resource Broker will enable organizations to meet that challenge and prepare for a future of container-based application portfolios.”

ge_logoUniva’s Universal Resource Broker is powered by Univa Grid Engine – the world’s most trusted workload optimization solution. The new solution enables organizations to manage and optimize distributed applications, data center services, legacy applications and Big Data frameworks in a single, dynamically shared compute pool.

Univa GridEngine has long been recognized as the solution of choice for the large scale and complex clusters typically found in HPC and Big Data communities,” said Fritz Ferstl, CTO at Univa Corporation. “Grid Engine is the most widely deployed workload optimization solution and is used today in more than 10,000 data centers across thousands of applications and use cases. We’re now using our expertise and superior technology as the engine for even higher level of computing needs that exist today – like Big Data distributed applications and frameworks – while melding new and legacy systems into one shared resource.”

Universal Resource Broker allows enterprises to create a single, virtual, high throughput and high performance compute pool out of distributed data center resources by integrating batch, low-latency workload, data center services and Big Data frameworks. It provides easy integration of distributed application environments consuming dynamic partitions of the cluster. It supports heterogeneous machine types and architectures, allowing organizations to run and manage bare-metal servers or leverage virtual machines, hybrid cloud and containers such as Docker. Universal Resource Broker highlights include:

  • Advanced policies and lifecycle management
  • Centralized arbitration and resource allocation
  • Centrally manage distributed applications, data center services and Big Data frameworks
  • Unified Accounting and Reporting
  • Run and manage existing Apache Mesos frameworks without modification with High Availability and automatic service fail-over

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