Slidecast: DDN Strategic Vision for High Performance Storage

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Molly Rector, CMO and EVP of Product Management at DDN

Molly Rector, CMO and EVP of Product Management at DDN

In this slidecast, Molly Rector from DDN describes the company’s vision for high performance data storage.

For more than a decade, DDN’s innovative, proven technology has been at the forefront of solving big data storage challenges in the world’s largest and most demanding environments,” said Molly Rector, CMO and EVP of Product Management at DDN. “Today, our vision and roadmap is being increasingly influenced by our enterprise and commercial HPC customers who are demanding new features in addition to the highest availability, reliability, scalability and best price/performance.”

Throughout 2015 and beyond, DDN is bringing to market a portfolio of products that capitalize on the broadening demand for performance-optimized solutions to deliver software defined storage (SDS), cloud, data analytics, data lakes and active archives in data-intensive enterprises globally. Leveraging flash-caching software, solid state and hybrid arrays, object storage and a software defined end-to-end architecture, DDN’s converged and hyper-converged solutions deliver the industry’s highest performance, most scalable storage platforms.

The portfolio additions through 2015 will change the ability of data centers to ingest, analyze and share the massive quantities of data being generated today.

Key second half 2015 initiatives that will fortify DDN’s platforms to deliver high-performance, software defined enterprise solutions include:

  • 2nd Half 2015 availability of solutions based on the DDN, internal project name, Wolfcreek Platform: The World’s Highest Performance Hyper-converged Platform. Continuing its heritage of delivering the highest density, highest performance, mixed I/O storage platforms in the industry, the DDN Wolfcreek platform will be the hyper-converged building block of upcoming DDN storage solutions. Capable of over 60 GB/sec throughput and over 5 million IOPS in just 4U of rack space, the Wolfcreek platform will deliver more than twice the performance of any alternatives on the market today and with a much smaller data center footprint.
  • 2nd Half 2015 general availability of DDN Infinite Memory Engine (IME): 1000x Increase in I/O Performance through Application Aware, I/O Acceleration Software. Building upon of its award-winning SFX hybrid flash caching technology and its all-flash SFA12KXiTMwith a notable 4 million IOPS per system, DDN continues to expand its flash-based and solid state array offering. Most notably with the upcoming general availability of IME, the industry’s first application aware I/O accelerator flash based solution. IME provides vastly improved I/O bandwidth and latency to the application, and can increase file system acceleration by 100x and increase I/O performance by 1000x.
  • Q3 2015 Delivery of the World’s Most Complete Object Storage Solution with Increased Open Source Connectivity. Coming off a year of 250 percent year-over-year revenue bookings growth, DDN continues to fuel WOS object storage momentum with the announcement of its new WOS 360 v2.0 WOS 360 2.0 offers a full suite of new options to expand use cases in enterprises, cloud, BYOD shared storage, deep archive, video streaming, file sync and share and SaaS offerings. Expanding upon the S3 Gateway to WOS announced by DDN in October 2014, WOS 360 v2.0 includes an Openstack SWIFT API.
  • Ongoing Expansion of the DDN Software Defined Storage (SDS) Solution Set. WOS was the first DDN product available as software for use on non-DDN hardware, followed by the SFX Flash Caching software, and now IME has been announced in a software-only option. These SDS options improve agility with faster time to proof of concept, improve the ability to manage across locations and classes of storage, increase flexibility with a choice of hardware platforms, and reduce CAPEX/OPEX with fewer personnel needed to manage the environment. DDN continues to deliver the vision for its DDN-powered, software defined, high-performance data center.

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