Video: Mellanox Launches Spectrum 25/100 Gigabit Open Ethernet Switch

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In this video, Mellanox launches their new 100G end-to-end Ethernet solutions in New York City.

Interconnect at speeds reaching 100Gb/s are taking the data center network world to never seen before scale levels. The requirement from Web 2.0 market drivers call for the introduction of new technologies to allow for the network to function at these scales. While some devices claim support for such protocols as VXLAN or MPLS, it is the support of these protocols at scale that actually matter. Mellanox’s introduction of the new switch ASIC named Spectrum is doing exactly that. With extended table sizes, advanced hashing mechanism for high utilization rates of the table as a resource and optimized balancing capabilities that avoid duplications of table entrees, it allows for an MPLS network to grow to levels as required by the giants of the industry.

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