Lustre Video: Robinhood v3 Policy Engine and Beyond

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robinhoodIn this video from the LAD’15 Conference, Thomas Leibovici from CEA presents: Robinhood v3 and Beyond.

“The Robinhood Policy Engine is a versatile tool to manage contents of large file systems. It maintains a replicate of filesystem medatada in a database that can be queried at will. It makes it possible to schedule mass action on filesystem entries by defining attribute-based policies, provides fast ‘find’ and ‘du’ enhanced clones, gives to administrators an overall view of filesystem contents through its web UI and command line tools. It supports any POSIX filesystem and implements advanced features for Lustrefilesystems (list/purge files per OST or pool, read MDT changelogs, etc.) Originally developed for HPC, it has been designed to perform all its tasks in parallel, so it is particularly adapted for running on large filesystems with millions of entries and petabytes of data. But of course, you can take benefits of all its features for managing smaller filesystems, like ‘/tmp’ of workstations.”

Download the Slides (PDF) 

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