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Optimizing Cloud and HPC Technologies for Advanced Simulation

altairIn this video from the Disruptive Technologies session at the 2015 HPC User Forum, Rob Walsh from Altair Engineering presents: Optimizing Cloud and HPC Technologies through a Disruptive Business Model for Advanced Simulation.

“The HyperWorks Unlimited Physical Appliance is a fully configured high-performance computing (HPC) appliance specifically designed to manage and solve today’s advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) workload demands. Completely managed by Altair, this appliance creates an instant, secure private cloud environment allowing unlimited use of Altair’s entire HyperWorks CAE software suite. Delivered as a leased turnkey system, the HyperWorks Unlimited Physical Appliance is value priced for small and medium-sized businesses just beginning with CAE as well as larger enterprises looking to cost-effectively scale to support growing CAE demands.”

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