New Allinea 6.0 HPC Developer Tools Suite

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timeonlineToday Allinea released version 6.0 of their HPC development tools suite Allinea Forge and Performance Reports. Building on their commitment to serving the scientific HPC community, Allinea demonstrated the new features at SC15 last month in Austin.

If I had to pick one feature that wowed people, it’d have to be writing your own custom metrics for Allinea MAP,” said Mark O’Connor, VP Product Management. Custom metrics are a new feature that allows scientists and those who support them to add their own data sources into Allinea MAP, be it from hardware counters, system-specific APIs or simply variables from within the program itself.

“People loved how simple it is and you could see their minds start to race with ideas for what they’re going to measure on their codes and systems. I’m excited about the community that’s already starting to grow around discussing and sharing these!”

Others were pleased to see Allinea releasing Forge on the ARMv8 and POWER8 platforms, as well as supporting CUDA 7.5 – we’re seeing the most diverse set of viable platforms in years and many visitors were relieved that their development tools are the only thing that won’t have to change in these interesting times.

Also demonstrated was Allinea DDT’s improved memory debugging support, with features ranging from debugging dangling pointers and faster runtime speeds to automatic offline memory leak reporting.

We are deeply committed to HPC,” CEO David Lecomber explained. “Our company exists to serve the scientific community and we’re proud to continue investing not just in new features and platforms but also in quality-of-life and usability improvements to ensure everyone gets the most out of our tools.”

“Sponsoring the student cluster competition this year was a great honor,” David continued, “and we had a wonderful time working with the student teams and seeing what they managed to accomplish with our tools. The future for HPC is brighter than ever and I’d encourage anyone with an interest to apply at Allinea. Getting up each day knowing that scientists around the world have been using your tools to push back the boundaries of human knowledge feels great!”

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