Oracle Acquires StackEngine Startup to Automate Docker

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stackoracleOn December 18, Oracle closed an agreement to acquire StackEngine, an Austin-based startup focused on Docker automation. All StackEngine employees will be joining Oracle as part of Oracle Public Cloud.

As insideHPC reported back in October 2014, the container ecosystem has been a bit of management desert, lacking modern management tools, automation tools or even best practices for operations teams to leverage.

“Tools like Chef and Puppet were built to automate systems, not containers, and are too complex and low level to solve these new problems. StackEngine, however, offers solutions by helping operations teams bootstrap Docker into production, and discover, visualize, and manage small- to large-scale Docker deployments, and intelligently automate change and configuration management for containers.”

Since that time, we’ve seen a number of companies like Univa stepping up to fill this void. In September, the company announced the Univa Grid Engine Container Edition, which fully incorporates Docker containers into the Univa Grid Engine resource manager. The Container Edition features the unique ability to run containers at scale and blend containers with other workloads and supports heterogeneous applications and technology environments.

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