STEM IP – Advancing HPC, Industry & Society

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Shahin Khan, OrionX

Shahin Khan, OrionX

In this video from the 2016 Stanford HPC Conference, Shahin Kahn from OrionX presents: STEM IP – Advancing HPC, Industry & Society.

“When it comes to commercialization of promising IP, HPC punches below its weight. That, we can and should change. Where does the HPC community get training on entrepreneurship? How do you become an entrepreneur? Does it have to be in your blood, or can you actually learn how to do it? It turns out you can learn most of it, and in the process (since nobody is excellent at everything), you also learn how to surround yourself with others who are good at other necessary things.”

Founder of StartupHPC and OrionX, Shahin Khan is a respected industry veteran. Shahin was interim VP of Marketing at 3Leaf Systems and ScaleArc; VP of Corporate Development, Intellectual Property, and Marketing at Silicon Graphics; VP/GM of the HPC and Visualization products, Chief Competitive Officer, and VP of Product Marketing & Planning at Sun Microsystems; Chief Marketing Officer at Electronics for Imaging, and CMO at Azul Systems. He lived in the UK to lead European Marketing for FPS Computing before its acquisition by Cray Research and started his career at IBM. Shahin is a graduate of The Hun School of Princeton, and Cornell University with Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees.

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