Debugging Slow Buffered Reads on the Lustre File System

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1f5b7a0In this video from the 2016 Stanford HPC Conference, Robert Roy from Seagate Technologies presents: Debugging Slow Buffered Reads to the Lustre File System.

“Buffered read performance under Lustre has been inexplicably slow when compared to writes or even direct IO reads. A balanced FDR-based Object Storage Server can easily saturate the network or backend disk storage using o_direct based IO. However, buffered IO reads remain at 80% of write bandwidth. In this presentation we will characterize the problem, discuss how it was debugged and proposed resolution. The format will be a presentation followed by Q&A.”

Robert Roy has been working with Parallel filesystems for the last 10 years. Rob is currently a member of the performance engineering team at Seagate Technologies where he is responsible for the benchmark and tuning of Seagate storage systems.

In related news, the LUG 2016 Lustre User Group meeting will take place April 5-7 in Portland, Oregon.


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